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1957 Chevy Pickup Classic Truck Restoration

1957 Chevy Pickup Classic Truck

I've always wanted to build an over the top truck. There's a great little shop there outside of Tulsa by the name of Hot Rod Garage. Jason and Jim Smith, they're the builders.

When we bought the truck, there was no engine. So I contacted a guy there in Tulsa that builds race motors. I wanted a big block Chevy motor. So he started from scratch and built the motor himself. These trucks, the interior is really rough when you get them.

I started with wanting kind of the look of a bench seat but yet buckets. And the only thing I wanted on the console was the tack and the starter button. The gauge cluster has round gauges on the side but it has a needle like the old '50s and '60s car.

We brought in the old '57 Chevy V-look that matches the grill and the tail light bar. '57 is the last year for the single headlight in the Chevy trucks. And I wanted a fleet side. Well, in '57 they didn't build a fleet side bed. So basically we started with a '59 bed and cut it and then hand built the bed to match the cab. I wanted something that would be timeless.

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